SKIN: Largest Organ of our Bodies

Hey Betta Butter Fam, 

Let's talk SKIN. Our skin is the largest organ on our body, with that title comes great responsibility. One of the main functions of the skin is protection. The skin works to protect the body from external factors such as temperature, bacteria, and chemicals. 

This organ also comes with complications. The skin plays many roles in the maintenance of life and health. As the skin protects the body, it also plays a crucial role in maintaining a flexible barrier that helps with temperature regulation, immune defence, vitamin production and sensation. 

Healthy skin plays many important roles and should be treated with love, care and respect. Most people begin to worry about their skin when something abnormal occurs but the trick to healthy skin is maintaining a consistent, balanced and natural skincare routine. 

What does a routine like this look like? There are many ways to maintain and balance healthy skin but sticking to these three aspects will bring you a long way. 

1. Protection from excessive UV Radiation 

There are true and tired methods to protecting your skin from UV radiation that are much simpler than you think. Staying in shaded areas especially during the midday hours and wearing clothes that cover up your legs and arms, are some physical ways to protect your skin. But let's face it, who doesn't love the sun? Another way to get some rays in a safe way is using UVA/UVB SPF sunscreen. The SPF's in sunscreen absorbs UV radiation so your skin doesn't have to. 

2. Protect from excessive irritation and drying

Using the right cleanser will bring your skin a long way. Gentle and moisturizing cleansers help to clean the skin, while maintaining its moisture. Avoiding drying soaps, excess water, and irritating chemicals will lessen the chance of skin irritation. 

3. Aiding the skins barrier properties

Using a protective, natural and organic skin moisturizer will aide the skin in protection. Raw materials such as shea butter, coconut oil and grape-seed oil are all complied with rich properties. These properties aide in boosting moisture, reducing inflammation and fighting dryness. Changing and switching products as well as routines is usually counterproductive. Sticking to a clean, natural and organic products will result in noticeable improvements in almost all skin types and tones. 

Betta Butter's natural and organic whipped body butter is compiled of all the goodness necessary to protect and moisturize the skin, aiding the skins barrier properties. Infusing your skin with Betta Butter whipped body butter will allow the skin to breathe, while maintaining  moisture, and shine. 

Skin health is important to maintain. The regular use of natural and organic skin care products helps your skin have a jump start to a healthy, conditioned lifestyle. Invest in your skin because its worth looking after.

We wear our skin everyday so treat your skin, it will thank you later!  

Peace and love

Betta Blogger