Betta Butter is a Black-Woman, owned and operated small-batch, handmade business; that focuses on all-natural and organic skin care products.

Birthed and based in Toronto, Canada. Betta Butter is a passion project that came to life in 2021 through self-exploration and creativity. The owner and creative director Sydonnie Perera, Educator and wife used the pandemic to infuse two of her prominent passions: cooking and self care to create what we see today, the commencement of a skin care line that prides itself on quality ingredients and self-care, working from the outside in. 

Betta Butter was created with a passion and direction to provide a skin care line for the BIPOC community, to find love and feel love in those, sometimes minimal, moments of self-care. Betta Butter strives to provide opportunities to make these moments consistent in the lives of women and men who value their time. 

Betta Butter provides skin care through the elevation of self care products that focus on skin health, skin moisture, skin love and more importantly self love. #BettaYourself